Materials Engineering and Testing Services

JR Paine offers industry-leading materials engineering and testing services with a team approach that aims to avoid delays, manage costs, and optimize quality control and quality assurance. These services are essential to ensure life-cycle performance and compliance with asphalt and concrete designs, material and product specifications, and construction methods and standards. Our material engineering and technical staff have extensive technical expertise, knowledge of local conditions, and experience with available materials and suppliers to maintain the quality of materials with properties to meet specified limits and standards.

Our materials testing services in the field and in our laboratories are a foundation of construction quality assurance and controls. JR Paine maintains and operate in-house and mobile laboratories with experienced specialists that perform acceptance testing of soils, aggregate, concrete, asphalt. These services are essential in providing accredited and independent verification of construction materials, construction methods, and results for conformance to with engineering design specifications, regulatory requirements, and local authority design and construction specifications.


Materials Engineering Services

Aggregate and related-Materials Engineering

Analysis of aggregate properties of sand, gravel, mineral fillers, crushed stone, and for recycled concrete and recycled asphaltic concrete products for construction, concrete mix, and asphaltic concrete mix applications.  Gradation, detrimental matter, soundness, specific gravity, absorption

Blends, Composites, and Pavement Designs

Preliminary asphalt blends and evaluations, composite mixes, and pavement designs for efficient and cost-effective strategies to build, reconstruct and reclaim existing pavement surfaces and structures

Asphalt for Maintenance, Rehabilitation, and Reconstruction

Industry-leading materials engineering of Cold-In Place Recycling, Hot-In Place Recycling, full depth reclamation, foamed asphalt Mix designs, crumb rubber asphalt technology, and Stone mastic asphalt (SMA) mixes

Foamed Asphalt Road-Base Stabilization and Recycling

Foamed Asphalt laboratory capability with research and development to full-service mix designs

Asphaltic Concrete Mix Designs

Research, development and engineered mix designs for Asphaltic Concrete Pavement (ACP) applying all Marshall, Superpave, and Gyratory applications.  Recycled Asphalt mixes (RAP). Mix designs to meet all municipal, provincial, and federal applications and specifications

Normal and High-performance Concrete Designs

Theoretical concrete mix designs and trial batches for a wide range of applications from bridges and infrastructure, pavements, municipal works, to building and structural applications

Materials Testing

Full Quality Control and AssuranceTesting Services

Field compaction testing for pipe bedding, trench and excavation backfill, road subgrade and base construction, grading and engineered fills.  Aggregate production.  Specification compliance

Concrete Mixture Designs and Analysis

Preconstruction concrete production reviews, mix design reviews, and concrete batch monitoring with test and inspections to verify compliance of equipment and materials within accepted tolerances

Highway Testing and Quality Assurance

Quality assurance testing for grading base and paving projects, road rehabilitation including FRD, pavement recycling, and overlay applications.  Full equipped mobile labs for testing in remote locations.

Asphaltic Concrete Testing

Marshall and Gyratory testing.  Unit density, oil content, film thickness, voids, stability and flow, maximum theoretical density MTD), tensile strength ratio (TSR), coring and field density/compaction

Comprehensive Concrete Testing and Quality Control

Quality control and quality assurance testing including temperature, air content, slump, and batch yield/unit weight during placement.  Testing facilities for compressive and tensile strength on cylinders specimens, and flexural strength on beam specimens, zero slump concrete.  Concrete coring and testing of insitu concrete

Our material engineering and testing services encompass a vast array of accredited and certified engineering and laboratory service that include:

JR Paine’s mobile and laboratory services use robust concrete testing equipment and accessories that conform to ASTM, AASHTO and other applicable standards. Our equipment spans across all phases of testing for strength, compliance, and consistency from placement of fresh concrete to lab curing and strength testing of concrete specimens, to non-destructive testing of hardened concrete.

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