JR Paine provides geotechnical engineering and materials testing services for a wide range of facilities and infrastructure related to the agricultural industry.  Our projects range from large grain elevator and transload facilities – to fertilizer and chemical storage and distribution facilities – to intensive livestock operations.

We serve independent farms and businesses, cooperatives and colonies, transport operators, product and equipment suppliers, and several multi-national agri-food conglomerates.

Our areas of expertise focus on geotechnical engineering services related to core building, storage structure, and processing facility construction and development requiring earthworks and retaining structures, containment and irrigation ponds, foundation and ground structure design.

Our typical projects for the Agriculture industry and its sectors include the following:

Geotechnical consulting for poultry operations,  Feedlots, and intensive pork operations

Geotechnical investigations and designs for agri-facility development and expansion

Geotechnical services for new barns, silo foundations, and manure storage facilities

Designs for facility and road asphalt surfaces and concrete for foundations and structures

Environmental services for agri-business chemical storage sites

Geotechnical and environmental services for local and regional grain storage, processing, and transloading facilities

Groundwater assessments and monitoring at liquid manure and other waste facilities

Geotechnical investigations and quality control testing for water reservoirs

QA/QC tests and inspection of earthwork, granular base course, asphalt surfaces and concrete site structures

Some Projects

Here are SOME projects over our 50 years serving the Agriculture sector:

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