JR Paine offers a suite of geotechnical, environmental, and materials testing services to the Oil & Gas industry.  Our clients include oil and gas producers, service companies, product suppliers, pipeline and distribution companies, and other design professionals.

As Oil & Gas projects continue to increase in scale and complexity across Western Canada, with JR Paine’s experience providing engineering services on hundreds of projects, we are dedicated to assessing each project’s unique challenges and developing the best solutions.

JR Paine delivers effective geotechnical services for upstream Oil & Gas projects from remote sites requiring site access roads, well pads, and temporary structures to mid-stream projects for location or route options, compressor/pump stations, tank farms, field processing plants, and truck/rail loading platforms. For our downstream Oil & Gas clients, we provide refining and process facility geotechnical site investigations, geotechnical designs, and testing and inspection services for operations and expansions. Across the Oil & Gas sectors, JR Paine offers environmental assessments, investigations, site remediation services, and groundwater monitoring services.

We are known in the Oil & Gas sectors to deliver practical, value-added geotechnical solutions for unique site conditions encountered for these projects:

Project-type geotechnical office review, field study, and testing for  access and resource roads, leases, battery sites, plant sites, compressors, and mechanical units

Geohazard Investigations and monitoring

Geotechnical Investigation and Design of frac sand storage and Transload facilities

Geotechnical investigations for tank farms and storage facilities.

ESA phase II investigations at lease sites

Distribution infrastructure corridor and right-of-way geotechnical desk studies

Pipeline right-of-way geotechnical investigations for constructability

Terrain and risk assessment to identify, evaluate, and mitigate geohazards

Geotechnical options for trenching, crossings, and other pipeline routes

Geotechnical Investigation and Design of for compressors and pump stations

Pipelines crossing watercourses, roads, wetlands, and pipeline crossings

Oil & Gas Clients

Here are SOME of the oil & gas and petrochemicals sector clients we have worked with over the past 50 years: