JR Paine & Associates Ltd. is one of the largest providers of geotechnical and materials testing services to the Land Development industry in northern Alberta.  We have been involved with thousands of residential subdivisions, acreage subdivisions, commercial developments, and industrial parks.  We serve many development entities including land developers, local governments, home builders, individual business interests, private individuals, architects, municipal engineers, and other professionals.  Our services in the land development sector span from long term functional planning and structure planning in the initial concept stages to detailed design and construction at the implementation stage.

We provide geotechnical investigations on raw land to evaluate soil conditions and groundwater tables for pre-purchase and due diligence purposes.  At the planning and design stage, we provide geotechnical investigations to provide recommendations for overall site grading construction, installation of water and sewer infrastructure and implementation of storm management facilities.  We provide geotechnical design and construction recommendations for roadbed and subgrade, pavement structure designs, and construction of other surface utilities.

Our firm has extensive experience with quality control and quality assurance testing during construction of subdivisions and other land development projects.   We provide a full range of testing for pipe bedding, trench backfill, site grading, road subgrades, granular base course, soil cement,  concrete, and asphaltic concrete pavements to ensure compliance with the local municipal specifications.  Our field testing operations are supported by our fully staffed and equipped laboratories.

The following provides a list of services provided to the Land Development sector:

Geotechnical investigations for residential, acreage, commercial and industrial subdivisions for infrastructure design and construction

Development-specific geotechnical investigations for municipal structures including bridges, plazas, decks, lift stations, retaining walls,  etc.

Geotechnical investigations for top of slope developments to evaluate slope stability and establish setback criteria

Foundation soils inspections and bearing certificates for housing and multi-family structure foundations

Geotechnical investigations for design and construction of roads and road structures

Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

Design and monitoring construction of Engineered and structural fill

Asphaltic concrete mix designs

Materials quality control and assurance testing

Proof rolls and recommendations for cement modification/stabilization of subgrades

Compliance certificates for all aspects of QA/QC testing

Some Projects

Here are SOME projects in the Land Development &  Home Building sector:

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