JR Paine provides geotechnical engineering and materials testing services to the Forestry Sector for both woodlands operations and plant production operations.  We assist forestry companies with geotechnical input for planning and implementing new haul roads and upgrading existing haul roads.  We work with design specialists  to provide geotechnical and foundation design input for buildings and warehouses, equipment, and machines related to every sector of the industry – pulp and paper, dimensional lumber, oriented strand board, specialty board plants.  We have worked with yard operators to design heavy duty pavements and aprons to carry heavy log handers, large fork lift, container handlers and related heavy equipment.  Related activities include:

Geotechnical investigations and soil surveys for new roads and upgrading of existing roads.

Geohazard assessments –  land slide analysis, instrumentation, and monitoring

Geotechnical investigations for new plant sites and expansion of existing plant sites

Geotechnical investigations for foundations associated with planers, conveyors, presses, machines, and dynamically loaded foundations.

Pile inspections during foundation construction – bored cast-in-place concrete piles, driven piles, CFA piles

Pavement and bearing surface designs for gantry cranes, log handling equipment, log haul routes, logging decks, and truck loading areas.  Flexible and rigid pavement designs, roller compacted concrete

Some Projects

Here are SOME projects with which we have been involved in the Forestry sector:

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