Geotechnical Engineering

As a leading geotechnical firm in the western Canada, JR Paine provides engineering with advanced soils, rock, and materials in-lab testing capabilities for the agriculture, forestry, commercial, land development, government, infrastructure, oil & gas, and transportation industries. Our geotechnical solutions have paved the way for successful construction projects in demanding conditions, and our analyses and recommendations provide for cost-effective project completions in a timely and professional manner.

At JR Paine, our geotechnical engineers, technicians, and specialists have extensive experience assessing the unique and often complex ground conditions relative to the design and performance goals of the project. These competencies in geotechnical and foundation studies identify any potential impacts that the projects may have in the development site and area for existing buildings and infrastructure. This expertise provides the advantage of superior preparation and prevention of unforeseen conditions that can impact construction budgets, timelines, and infrastructure lifespan.

Our geotechnical engineering analyses and designs include a broad spectrum of professional services that include the following:

Geotechnical site investigation, geological-related studies with field and laboratory soil testing

Evaluation of groundwater, soil, and rock conditions for geo-structure ground improvements

Foundations for buildings, structures, embankments, excavations, and retention and sewage ponds

Permeability and liners for containment facilities, lagoon construction, and other waste management projects

Geotextiles, geogrids, geomembranes, and other geosynthetic applications

Slope stability, failure controls, and setback requirements for ground stabilization and remediation

Specialized studies for trenching, tunneling, trenchless installations and other municipal infrastructure

Rigid and mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) designs for retaining walls, abutments, and other slope stabilization

Road structure design and evaluation from sub-base to pavement profiles for asphalt types and vehicle loading

Monitoring and inspection of piling and footing capacities for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings

Bearing, load, and deformation analyses for anchors, caissons, footings, mats, piles, and other foundation structures

Inspection of all project geo-constructions for conformity to designs, engineering, and construction practices

Our projects deploy borehole logging and coring, field and laboratory testing, soil and compaction testing, and soil and geotechnical monitoring. JR Paine also assesses the control of geo-hazards related to slopes, groundwater, seasonal factors, and subsurface conditions complete with remedial measures and construction inspections.

With leading geotechnical engineering and technical consultations for greenfield, brownfield, restorations, or new project infrastructure, JR Paine delivers the geo-science knowledge, project design specifications, technical methodology, performance and failure criteria, and specialty testing procedures for successful project completions.

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