Over the past 50 years, JR Paine has participated on literally thousands of infrastructure projects in a geotechnical and materials testing capacity.  Such projects include municipal water treatment and distribution, sewage collection and treatment,  storm water management, solid waste management, electricity distribution and communications

For projects in remote locations, rural environments, and urban settings, JR Paine has the local knowledge to complete sound geotechnical site studies, engineered designs, and technical services for infrastructure integrity and sustainability.

Our team provides an integrated range of services, starting at location or route options, soil surveys and field studies, field and site investigations, recommending solutions, completing geotechnical designs, to providing quality assurance with testing and inspections.

Our infrastructure clients include urban and rural municipalities, provincial and federal governments and agencies, industries, developers, and other professionals.  Our team work alongside with civil engineers, facility designers and specialty contractors to ensure that infrastructure projects are completed to the designs, specifications, and standards required for sustained operations and service.

Our long history of providing services to infrastructure projects across western Canada includes the following:

Geotechnical site characterization for initial study and special design and construction

Slope Stability Assessment and design of stabilization works at planning stages

Dewatering and groundwater controls for deep excavations and infrastructure

Communication towers

Preliminary Design phase geotechnical water control structures and design studies

Projects for water management dams, canals, erosion, flood controls and dykes

Geotechnical Investigations for treatment plants pump houses, water pipelines and reservoirs

Materials specifications for lagoon liners, retention ponds, and water controls

Geotechnical investigations for Waste Management facilities, landfill cells, waste transfer facilities

Earth structures, sewage lagoons, engineered fill

Materials quality control and quality assurance testing  of soils, asphalt and concrete and engineering inspections during  construction

Some Projects

Here are SOME projects in the Infrastucture sector:

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