JR Paine is a leader in geotechnical engineering, design, and materials testing for the Transportation industry in Western Canada. We have been involved on hundreds of highway construction projects for Alberta Transportation ranging from new roads and twinning projects to road rehabilitation.

We have worked extensively on the Canamex Highway corridor linking the Alaska Highway to our southern border.  We also have extensive experience on the Alaska Highway through norther BC and the Yukon.

J.R. Paine has worked extensively with pavement recycling methods and is an industry leader in full depth reclamation and foamed asphalt applications.  Our firm has also been involved with numerous airport runway rehabilitation projects throughout western Canada.  We have also expanded our services into the railroad sector on projects related to spur line construction in industrial parks and trans loading facilities serving oil and gas, grain handling, and manufacturing. J.R. Paine and Associates Ltd. owns and operates a falling weight deflectometer (FWD) for state of the art nondestructive pavement structure analysis, providing deflection testing on roads, highways, and airports across Western Canada.

JR Paine provides a broad scope of geotechnical services for highways and secondary roads, level and overpass crossings, bridges and culverts, drainage structures, slope and retaining structures, and ancillary projects.

JR Paine is nearing 700 total projects.

Geotechnical investigations and soil surveys for new roads and upgrading of existing roads.

Geotechnical investigations for railway facilities, and utility crossings

Geotechnical investigations for bridges and culverts.

Pile inspections – bored cast-in-place concrete piles, driven piles, CFA piles

Geohazard assessments –  land slide analysis, instrumentation, and monitoring

Pavement structure analysis and pavement structure designs

Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) deflection testing.

Overlays and pavement rehabilitation strategies

Gravel search and evaluations

Aggregate production – crusher control testing

Asphaltic Concrete Mix Designs – Marshall and Bailey Methods, gyratory mixes

Base and Pavement recycling – Full depth reclamation and foamed asphalt base mix designs

Hot-in-place recycling and cold-in-place recycling – analysis, mix designs, and quality control testing

Design of Soil Cement Mixtures

Quality control and quality assurance testing for grading, base, and paving on highway construction and rehabilitation projects

Quality control and quality assurance on airport infrastructure and upgrading projects.

With its Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories (CCIL) accredited facility and mobile laboratories operations, JR Paine meets official laboratory recognition requirements. Our CCIL and CSA laboratory is fully equipped with standard and specialized equipment for general procedures, sampling and sample reductions, sieves and decantations, with test equipment calibration and verification practices.

Our laboratory technicians and specialists undergo rigorous instruction and training with lab set-up and organization for maximum efficiencies, reliable sampling techniques and references, special sampling and provisions, and quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) procedures to remain up-to-date with industry development and laboratory enhancements. Our geotechnical field and laboratory practices are current with industry technology and continually remain up-to-date with development to offer superior services and remain ahead of our competitors. Our mobile laboratories provide exceptional efficiencies during construction

Some Projects

Here are SOME projects we have worked on in the Transportation sector:

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