Key Sectors & Industries

We have worked with a broad range of industries and sectors over the past 50 years. Our geotechnical engineers and technicians have contigbuted to helping Alberta grow into a mature economic power over the past half century!
Grain Elevators-Agricultural Sector


Our projects range from large grain elevator and transload facilities – to fertilizer and chemical storage and distribution facilities – to intensive livestock operations.
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Commercial Applications

Commercial / Construction

We have provides geotechnical engineering and materials testing services on thousands of building construction projects across Western Canada.
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Geotechnical Applications-Pile Loading Tests


J.R. Paine and associates Ltd. provides geotechnical and environmental services to the financial sector for banking and insurance providers.  Geotechnical investigations on land for financing purposes.
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Grading and Earthworks  for Forestry Sector


We have worked in both woodlands operations and plant production operations.  We assist forestry companies with geotechnical input to plan  & implement new haul roads or upgrade existing roads.
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Government sector geophyiscal engineering


We provide a wide range of engineering and consulting services to  municipal, regional, provincial, territorial, federal governments, as well as government agencies across Western Canada.
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Geotechnical Applications-Horizontal_ Auger_Bore-05


Projects included municipal water treatment and distribution, sewage collection and treatment,  storm water management, solid waste management, electricity distribution and communications
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New Subdivision aerial view

Land Development

One of the largest providers of geotechnical and materials testing services to the Land Development industry in northern Alberta, and involved with thousands of residential subdivisions, commercial developments, and industrial parks.
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Geotechnical Investigations – Oil and Gas Sector

Oil & Gas

We provide geotechnical, environmental, and materials testing services to the Oil & Gas industry including oil and gas producers, service companies, product suppliers, pipeline and distribution companies.
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Asphaltic Concrete Mix Laydown


A leader in geotechnical engineering, design, and materials testing for the Transportation industry in Western Canada. We have been involved on hundreds of highway construction projects for Alberta Transportation
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